Allherluv – Forever Young Parts 2-4 – Alexis Fawx, Dana DeArmond, Gia Derza, Ryan Keely, Serene Siren

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Description: Little Dana is back! She is being driven by her “mom”, Ryan Keely, to go on a play date with a girl who is “just like her,” Alexis Fawx. Ryan needs Alexis’ “mom”, Serena Siren, to watch over her while she goes to her first day of work. Alexis and Dana aren’t normal 18 and 19 year old girls, they’re much older, but they have a condition that makes them immature. When Dana meets Alexis, she starts to understand that this household is strange, unlike anything she’s ever seen.

Serene Siren has locked Dana Dearmond in a room for misbehaving with Alexis Fawx, but poor Dana really has to go #1! Alexis taunts her at the door while Dana begs for her to be let out. Dana begs, “I can’t go in my pants!” “That’s what my sister, Polly, used to do..” Alexis tells her, “It’s why we called her Pissy-pants Polly.” Dana tries with all her might not to humiliate herself, but yet, when she can’t hold it anymore, she explodes into her jeans. Alexis slides the key under the door and Dana escapes out of the bedroom, and out of the home!

Ryan Keely, Dana’s Mom, has arrived at Serene and Alexis’ home. Ryan is ready to pick up Alexis from her play date, but Serene uses the opportunity to seduce her and stall so Ryan doesn’t know that Dana is missing. Ryan says, “I really should get Dana back home.” Serene muses, “you really should take a little time for yourself,” her body inches closer and closer to Ryan’s. Ryan can’t resist her seduction and the women collide in a kiss.

Dana Dearmond escapes! She runs across the street to try to find Alexis’ sister, “Polly,” Gia Derza. Dana is intrigued by Gia, what in the hell happened to her living with her lunatic stepmother, Serene Siren. Dana disguises herself as a repair-woman to gain access, and it works! Gia invites her in but she quickly discovers that Dana isn’t who she says she is. Watch the story unfold..

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