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Allherluv – The Bully ep.3 – Alison Rey, Bree Daniels, Shyla JenningsReport Post

Category: AllHerLuv

Description: What turned 18 year old Shyla Jennings into the ruthless bully she is today? Her 18 year old classmates, Alison Rey and Bree Daniels, bully Shyla until she reaches a breaking point. She calls her alter-ego for help, a part of her that she has suppressed for a long time. (Sex: Alison and Shlyla, wet tribbing)

Shyla is silent in fear as she opens the door to one of the baddest bullies in the school, Alison Rey, worse than Alison she sees her alter ego standing behind her. Her alter ego mocks in a sing-songy voice, “looks like we have a little situation on our hands.”
Shyla ignores Alison’s polite hello, and tells her alter ego, “butt out, this is MY situation.” Alison nods, “Oh, right.. situation, you mean like your lifestyle? My situation is nice too, although it’s not as big as this place. There’s a Golf course down the road, if you’re into that?” Shyla looks at the golf club realizing how strange it must look, “no, not really.”
Alison swallows with tension, “You don’t need protection. I come in peace. Honestly, I feel terrible about how we treat you at school.”
Shyla looks behind Alison where second Shyla is standing, first Shyla doesn’t say anything. Alison sweetly asks, “Can we sit down?
Shyla’s alter ego mocks, “You’ve always had a thing for asians.. she’s got to be at least a quarter, right?”
Shyla scoffs at her alter ego, “STOP, just stop!”
Alison winces in pain, “Of course. Well, let me just apologize to you. I’m sorry, wholeheartedly sorry for how me and Bree have been treating you. We both think that you’re very pretty, and nice, and honestly if I do some soul searching I guess I am just a little intimidated by you. It’s no excuse for me being mean to you, but hey, I make mistakes. ..And if you want to know the truth, I do need help with school, but the real reason I’m here is to figure out a way to be your friend. I could use a friend. I would love to get to know you, to have a second chance, a sort of do-over, and maybe the three of us could be like the three musketeers.
Shyla contemplates what she will do with Alison as she invites her in. How will she keep her alter-ego in check? Watch the story unfold..

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