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Allherluv – The Coin Has A Say – Aubrey Sinclair, Krissy LynnReport Post

Category: AllHerLuv

Description: It’s Christmas Eve and Krissy is warm in her bed. It’s Krissy’s first year as a single woman, and the first winter where she didn’t have her husband

in bed with her. The wind blows and a tree branch slaps against her window. Krissy opens her eyes, she looks at the light from her candle, waiting,

listening, telling herself there is nothing to be afraid of. Glass breaks, she sits up, her mind racing the worst possible scenarios, and then trying

to calm herself knowing her vivid imagination can play tricks on her.

Virginia climbs into the dining room window and falls into the house on the hardwood floor. *thud, thud..* Krissy sits up in bed, she knows for certain

that someone is in the house. She looks in her purse for her cell phone to call for help. She left it in the kitchen on the phone charger. She grabs a

bat and cautiously walks down the stairs.

“Bunny, we’ve got to be quiet,” Virginia tells her stuffed rabbit. Krissy hears a voice, “I’m armed, and I am not afraid to shoot,” she threatens.

Virginia giggles incessantly. Krissy is confused and scared, “show yourself!” Virginia pops up from behind the kitchen island.

Oh, it’s just a sweet girl, and she looks hurt. She’s dirty and she has bruises on her face, her knuckles, her nails are manicured as if she’s had a

home, but there’s dirt underneath them. “Where do you live?”

“I’m not going back there,” Virginia warns.

Krissy wonders for a moment if she is from the insane asylum down the street, although they call it a recovery center now. She needs to find her phone,

she needs to call the police to take her back. Virginia sees that Krissy is looking for something and she feels scared. Virginia grabs a kitchen knife.

“No, drop it!” Virginia’s head falls back for a moment, her ears are ringing. She drops the knife and stands taller, her voice is deeper as she grunts

and groans. She looks at Krissy differently, she’s hungry, she walks towards her with confidence, and the change in mood scares Krissy, she steps back.

Krissy begins to realize that she is talking to Virginia’s alter-ego, it’s a man, he’s unpredictable and terrifying. It’s not Virginia anymore, this

person is stronger, physically and mentally, he looks at her through Virginia’s eyes, he wants her. He will not bring Virginia back until he gets what

he wants. “Give yourself to me.”

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