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Allherluv – The Path To Forgiveness – Alex Coal, Cadence Lux, Daisy Taylor, Kenzie Reeves, Scarlett Sage, Serena BlairReport Post

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Description: AVN 2021 Nominee – Grand Reel
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best Directing (Drama) – Whitney Wright
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best Screenplay (Drama) – Whitney Wright
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best Supporting Actress – Joanna Angel
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best Supporting Actress – Daisy Taylor
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best Non-sex performance – London River
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best G/G Sex Scene – Cadence Lux & Kira Noir
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best TG Sex Scene – Cadence Lux & Daisy Taylor
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best Editing
AVN 2021 Nominee – Best Art Direction
XBIZ 2021 Nominee – Feature Movie of the Year
XBIZ 2021 Nominee – All-Girl Movie of the Year
XBIZ 2021 Nominee – Best Acting (Lead) – Cadence Lux
XBIZ 2021 Nominee – Best Acting (Supporting) – Joanna Angel
XBIZ 2021 Nominee – Best Sex Scene – All-Girl – Scarlett Sage & Serena Blair
XBIZ 2021 Nominee – Best Screenplay – Whitney Wright

Hayley (Cadence Lux) thinks she’s going to a music festival. She starts to suspect something is wrong when her mother (London River) takes a turn off the highway, and then into a facility called “Women for Wholeness.” She sees Mothers Sarah and Lauren (Joanna Angel and Serena Blair) in modest long black gowns, her girlfriend (Kira Noir) seems to be in cahoots with the women, as she steps behind them. Her mother informs her that she is being admitted, “to recognize God’s love.” A large man in overalls (Stef Onzo) is keeping a close eye on Hayley, and when she strongly objects, he picks her up and drops her on the tile floor.
Mother Sarah exudes strict dominance, there is no way out of this situation. Every state holds their own jurisdiction, and in Utah, you can be committed if you are a threat to your own safety or others. And by threat, she means endangering the souls of others by thinking her sin is natural. Hayley meets the other young women in the facility: Christina (Scarlett Sage), Victoria (Daisy Taylor), Claire (Kenzie Reeves), and sisters Mallory and Valerie (Whitney Wright). The journey on the path to forgiveness is full of romance, repression, drama, and sex.

Hayley (Cadence Lux) is learning how to navigate and survive the institute. She’s made a friend in Victoria (Daisy Taylor), who tells Hayley to keep her head down and go along with the program. Mother Sarah (Joanna Angel) is calling women in for individual sessions and progress reports and Hayley hides around the corner as she watches sweet Claire (Kenzie Reeves) enter the session. Mother Sarah has unorthodox methods in cleansing Claire’s mind of lesbian dreams. She’s fierce, dominant, and one might think that Claire enjoys being reprimanded.

Claire (Kenzie Reeves) storms out of Mother Sarah’s (Joanna Angel) office. She’s filled with conflicting feelings of shame and lust. Claire sees her friend, Christina (Scarlett Sage) and Christina gives her encouraging words. It seems as if all the women in the facility are going along with the program in the hopes of being released before they’re 21 years old. Claire asks Christina to tell her how she came to the facility and Christina shares her story.
Christina was in love with her best friend, Abigail (Alex Coal), and the two shared a hidden romance. Christina was recently married to a man and while Abigail tries to evade her friend and the feelings she shared for her, her heart couldn’t turn from her. Abigail and Christina tearfully confessed their love for each other and passionately kissed. The two women made love as if it was the last time they could when Christina’s husband walked in. Her husband admitted her to the facility and she yearns to be free.

Antics continue at “Women for Wholeness.” Mother Sarah knows that Mother Lauren is abusing her position at the camp. The two women are heads of the organization, although Sarah has run the place ever since their parents passed away. Sarah threatens to cut Lauren from the camp if she continues to sin behind closed doors, abusing her powerful position, and betraying Sarah’s trust.

Hayley meets Jordan while she is hanging laundry on the line. Hayley is angry with Jordan, she doesn’t want to see her, but Jordan apologizes and explains why she is a hunter for the camp. Hayley’s defenses crumble as she looks into Jordan’s soulful eyes, she sees the woman that she loves. Hayley agrees to Jordan’s plan to escape.

It’s been days since Hayley was thrown into the hole. The hole is a terrible isolated place, a place where you begin to think that you are bad, that they were right, that loving women is wrong. She begins to fall deeper and deeper into despair until the door opens and Hayley sees her sweet friend, Victoria, reach out her hand. Hayley weakly raises her hand and Victoria pulls her out of the pit.

Victoria takes off Hayley’s old clothes and lowers her into a comfortable tub. She pours warm water over her, washes her, washes the pain away. Hayley looks into Victoria’s eyes and feels love again. Victoria whispers, “I’m leaving tonight, but I’m not leaving without you.”

Watch the story unfold..

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