Blue Pill Men – Chillin with a hot Tamale! – Jeleana Marie

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Hey everyone, Johnny here. For this upload we tried to do something different. A local stripper and our good friend Liz needed a place to stay for a week. So, Frankie made a deal with her to stay with us for that week. All she had to do is help us out with a few things. As Frankie would say “Benefits for benefits!” Liz offers us a great deal of services, cooking, cleaning, and even fucking and sucking. We decided to film a little bit each day she stayed with us for this movie. Frankie’s son, Justin, was some how able to mix it together into one movie. I think it came out great. We were able to capture many different clips for this one. It starts at our cook out last week, where Liz showed us her body. We have footage of us playing a strip card game. Frankie and Glenn were the lucky ones who got to fuck her. I only got a lap dance, but it wasn’t filmed. Well everybody, I hope you enjoy our new movie here.