Blue Pill Men – Popping Pills! – Michelle Martinez

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Hello everyone, Johnny here, bringing you the first installment in what we hope to be a continuing series. My best friend Frankie and I have decided to start making porn. I will most likely only be behind the camera. I don’t want to take the light away from Frankie, he tends to want to be the center of attention. Our original idea was to film one video to show to our friends at the old folks home. However, Frankie’s son, Justin, who edited the video, convinced us to put the video on the inter web. He has helped us with a web site and will edit all of our upcoming films. Well, enough blabbering. For our first video we found this lovely nineteen year old named Melissa, she’s such a sweetheart. She’s had a few porno movies under her belt. Melissa told us a bit about her previous shoots and experiences with porn. I was a little nervous. Talking to a 19 year old about her sexual experiences, I felt like i was over heating. After getting acquainted for a few minutes, it was time for Frankie to take his magical blue pill. Frankie showed Melissa that cause we’re old doesn’t mean we can’t party. Melissa also showed Frankie a few tricks, totally negating the saying you an teach an old dog new tricks. I guess when it comes to sex and the blue magic pills the old dog will learn.I tried capturing the action to the best of my abilities but these hands have gotten shakier with the passing years. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Thanks for tuning in.