Blue Pill Men – Riding the Old Wood!

Category: Pornkind

Since Frankie is incapable of keeping his mouth shut, he’s been telling everyone about our little porn project here. Our good old friend Glenn asked if he could join in the action. Glenn has been a great friend of ours for quite some time now. Plus, having someone other than Frankie perform on camera is a blessing. Some things just can’t be unseen. This time around Frankie decided to prepare some cookies and toast spread for the beautiful lady incase she would arrive hungry. Glenn of course arrived a few minutes before our female talent. Finally, Amy arrived, an eighteen year old sweetheart doing her first ever porn scene. Being that this was her first movie she was a little nervous at first but eventually gained some more confidence. It started off with Glen getting a blow job near the kitchen. soon the action moved to the living room. Frankie, knowing that he wasn’t going to be part of the film, couldn’t help but be the center of attention and asked Amy if he could eat her ass for a few minutes. According to him it was better than the cookies he had spread out. After that it was Glenn and Amy action. Amy delivered the goods, and thanks to the blue minis, so did Glenn.