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Defloration – Losing Of Virginity – Alice Moss

Actors: Alice Moss
Category: Defloration

Hi! My name is Alice, just yesterday I turned 18 years old. I decided to come to my first casting of this kind that I would pose absolutely naked, because posing and modeling business is my long-standing dream. In fact, a few years ago, I began to slowly manage my dream. So, in addition to studying at a regular school, I went to a modeling school. There, at the modeling school, I was taught how to correctly pose and how to behave in front of the camera. Despite the fact that I really enjoyed studying at a modeling school, participating in fashion shows and acting for advertising youth clothes, this was for me too little. I understood that I could achieve much more. After all, I have great characteristics to become a real professional and very popular model. But all the small offers of part-time work and small little-known fashion shows did not satisfy me. Firstly, I did not see the possibility of career growth for myself there, and secondly, I was paid up to funny little money. And real models get a lot more and can afford a good and beautiful life. So, disappointed in my future with the modeling agency, I decided to take everything into my own hands and found a site defloration.com on the Internet. I must say that I had no shadow of doubt whether I should fly here and participate in the casting. I was absolutely sure it was a great idea. And in addition, this is an invaluable posing experience that will help to get rid of even the smallest fear of the camera and become even more confident. That’s why I’m here today! So it happened that I’m still a virgin. And this means that together with the brilliant figure and my young age, I am ideal for participating in today’s casting. I am not afraid and my knees are not shaking with fear, I feel quite comfortable and confident. After all, I learned to be a real model for a long time. Of course, today is something new and unusual for me, but it only pleases me, and not scares me at all. By the way, I flew to the casting on a huge plane. Until today, I only flew on a plane twice in my life when I was a child. But today’s flight was just beautiful, even though I slept almost all the time of the flight. I didn’t sleep enough before I went to the airport, but that’s not surprising. As you can easily guess, I had a big party yesterday to celebrate my eighteenth birthday! It was very cool, all my friends came to congratulate me and spend this beautiful evening with me. We had fun, we had white wine and a sea of champagne. And then everyone jumped into the pool and poured water from water pistols. It must have been my best birthday and the best party I’ve ever seen! After the party, I practically failed to sleep, because we had fun until the morning, and in the morning I already had to go to the airport to fly to the casting. I think it’s very symbolic and cool. After such a cool party, I, already mature and adult, go to an important and interesting job. On the way to the airport, I felt tired, but I was looking forward to something very interesting. I felt like this day would be great for me. When all the passengers took their seats on the plane, I felt the butterflies in my stomach from waiting for the plane to take off. In my opinion, airplanes are very romantic. Just imagine a huge iron winged car speeding up and soaring into the sky, like a large bird with wide wings. Just amazing! I sat near the window and could watch the plane gain speed and dissect the pink dawn clouds. After the plane took off, I broke away from the beautiful view of the clouds behind the window glass and saw that the man sitting next to me was looking directly at me. At first I felt uncomfortable with his look, but soon this awkwardness passed. I noted that the man was young and beautiful. He had a folding tightened body, ivory skin and blonde hair. And his eyes were as beautiful as the bottomless blue sea. In the end, I was even a little glad that I attracted his attention. After all, every girl likes when beautiful men pay attention to her. So, we had a conversation with him. I found out he was on a business trip and doing his own business. It was interesting, I was always attracted to men who independently achieved something and who could tell interesting and fun about their work. Then, a little later, I accidentally dozed off. I was incredibly tired, a short dream was just necessary for me to work at full strength and be a casting professional. But I fell asleep completely by chance, because I was passionate about talking to a man nearby. But my eyes closed against my will and a light dream covered me with my head. About half an hour later, I opened my eyes again and found that my head was lying on the shoulder of the blue-eyed man all this time of my sleep. I startled my head off his shoulder and apologized for disturbing him. But he very gently and affectionately smiled at me and said that everything is fine and I can continue to rest on his shoulder, he has nothing against it. He smiled again with the most gentle smile I have ever seen. And I couldn’t help but smile back at him. I put my head on his shoulder again, getting a little more comfortable and moving my knees to him a little. Then I felt his touch on my hair. He was gently caressing me on the head and slipped his cheek to my hair, as if he were going to take a nap too. I didn’t mind, on the contrary, I was starting to like this innocent flirt on a flying plane. And then… something happened that excited me. I felt him put his hand on my knee… butterflies began to fly in my stomach again, and my cheeks poured over with a blush. I tried my best not to show him how much I liked it. His hand lying on my young knee was something very important to me. I can say that this was the first event in my life that made my pussy get wet. I tried not to move and enjoy these minutes of such a little intimate situation with this man. It was an amazing feeling which i have never had before. I wanted more from him, but unfortunately, our plane started landing. Who knows, maybe after this I will think one more time about losing my virginity on a casting.