Fantasy HD – Prize Fighter – Natalia Starr

Actors: Natalia Starr
Category: Fantasy HD

Natalia Starr is a gorgeous blonde girl with a great body that includes a big pair of natural boobs. She shows up to the local gym for a workout wearing just a tiny pair of white booty shorts and a pink top that exposes her belly and only covers her breasts.

The young vixen changes into her sparring attire which is even more revealing. She steps into the ring with her sparring partner and they exchange practice blows. With a quick move, her sparring partner picks up the tiny babe and pins her to the mat. He grinds his cock into her pussy which makes them both horny and ready for more!

Her partner goes down on Natalia Starr and kisses her sweet pussy until she’s soaking wet. She then kneels down and sucks his cock in the middle of the ring. When he’s fully erect and can’t take anymore teasing, the stud sticks his cock deep into her wet pussy and makes her cry out in pleasure!