HotGuysFuck – 18 YO Todd Moore FUCKS Monica Scott – Monica Scott

Actors: Monica Scott
Category: HotGuysFuck

Description: Remember what it was like when you were 18-years-old and smashing some of your first pussy? Some was good, some was horrible… but one thing was certain, you were definitely learning. Enjoy watching fresh out of high school teenage jock Todd Moore explore his sexuality with perhaps the best teacher you could possibly get, HGF veteran, Monica Scott. Todd was understandably nervous. At a fresh 18-years-old and had never done any adult work before, it can all be a little overwhelming. Lucky for Todd, Monica lead him to glory! Once she got her wet mouth around Todd’s cock, it wasn’t long before he’s FULLY at ease and pounding away… Exactly the same way his instincts told him to do it.