HotGuysFuck – We LOVE Nerdy Guys! Zeek Simons Fucks Clara Fargo Before She Blows Director – Clara Fargo

Actors: Clara Fargo
Category: HotGuysFuck

Description: Don’t let the glasses and nerdy look deceive you… Zeek Simons is no geek. He is, however, packing a long pole that Clara Fargo just couldn’t get enough of. Don’t you just love to see those eyes light up when a surprising, big, cock comes whipping out of some pants? Once Clara saw Zeek’s yard stick dick, she was ready to jump right on. She loved Zeek’s dick so much that her pussy was creaming on it the entire scene. Lesson learned: don’t judge a book by its cover. After the shoot, Clara asked our director for a ride home but little did he know, she was after more than just a ride…