HotGuysFuck – Lonny Ball Fucks Renee Hurtz – Renee Hurtz

Actors: Renee Hurtz
Category: HotGuysFuck

Description: Meet our new models Lonny Ball and Renee Hurtz! Something must be going on… Maybe it’s the summer heat on the rise… Perhaps all the vitamin D soaking up in to your skin, but one thing is clear… New sexy models have been contacting us NONSTOP. Literally flooding our recruitment inbox begging to come and get their fuck on! When we came across these two, we simply dropped everything and flew them out the next day. Not all impulsive decisions like this always work out… but Lonny and Renee were so horny and eager to showcase their skills in the sack that their performance deserved a slap on the ass. Awesome job guys! Can’t wait to see more of both of these hotties!