HotGuysFuck – Roman Tate Can’t Handle That Fat Ass On Mila Fleet – Mila Fleet

Actors: Mila Fleet
Category: HotGuysFuck

Description: Whoaaaa buddy! Welcome our new guy, Roman Tate! We thought we would pair him up with the experienced and sexy Mila Fleet. I mean, we want our new guys to have the cream of the crop so they want to keep coming back for more, right? With every rookie attempt though, there are often trials and tribulations. Have you ever had something before and it was just too damn good? Well, it has happened to all of us and it’s this rookie’s chance to show you his. Sometimes a PHAT ass will simply get the best of ya, but hey, THAT’S LIFE, right? Take a rest, strap up, and head back in to battle for round 2 to redeem yourself is my recommendation 😀 Don’t worry, I am confident your performance can only go up from here Roman! You have potential! Maybe we should just pair him up with an ass he can handle next time LOL!