Hussie Pass – It’s Where The Dick Hits Me – Kylie Quinn

Actors: Kylie Quinn

The past meets the present today on HussiePass, as we’ve paired up the lovely Kylie Quinn, who first appeared here way back in 2016 when she was a 19-year-old newbie, with our newest stud, the well-hung 18-year-old Damion Dayski. After the Johnny Robbins interview portion of the program Kylie Quinn warms up for Damion’s “giant…I’m not gonna explain” cock by dildo-fucking herself with our girthy rubber dong. Damion comes in with some lube and gets Kylie’s phenomenal body all slick and shiny As Kylie Quinn twerks her cute little ass, Damion slides his face underneath to sample her juices which he must’ve liked, because he gets right back in there after she rolls over and spreads herself for him…

Kylie lays on her back and hangs her head off the couch so Damion can fuck her face from above. Kylie gets on her knees so she can continue to suck and slobber on Damion’s uncut footlong before giving him a slippery footjob Kylie then hops on top and takes ALL of Damion’s 12-inch gift in her little slit. Damion then makes sure his dick hits Kylie where she likes it as he hmmer-fucks her pussy doggystyle and sideways. He pulls out and cums on Kylie’s tongue which she swallows just like a good girl should. As is the custom, we catch up with the two lovers in the shower to see how things went… Until next time: HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!