JapanHDV – My Sister’s best Friend is the lovely Amiru Kinohara – Amiru Kinohara

Actors: Amiru Kinohara
Category: JAV

Description: What happens when your sister’s best Friend is the lovely Amiru Kinohara? So she comes home after a day out with Amiru Kinohara and you are just laying around the house relaxing. It seems that Amiru is recently divorced and seems to be very horny. She is very cute and somewhat of a tease. She says since she has just divorced and you are moving out of your parent’s home she should move in with you and you can share an apartment. This is exciting and you can not imagine how great it would be to live with her as she is so hot. As your sister leaves the room she laughs and says she is just teasing you. But what happens next surprises you as Amiru slides over and starts to whisper in your ear and kiss you. She can see through your jeans that you are hard and she reaches down to your pants and unbuttons them to pull your cock out. She is so happy to have your dick in her hand jerking you off. This is going great until your sister walks in and almost catches you. You run to the bathroom with your hard on to finish yourself off and then when you least expect it, Amiru walks in behind you and grabs your cock to help you come. This is great until she slides down and takes your cock in her mouth to suck you off. This is better than the handjob as her mouth is such a nice warm place to park your cock. She is so wonderful to look up at you with your cock in her mouth. She tries to make you come and you are just about to when your sister shouts from the other room that there is another bathroom Amiru can use upstairs. That was so close, you almost had your whole load of cum in her mouth, and you still have a hard on so you turn around and unload your cum yourself.

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