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I decide to call you because your father and I have decided to get a divorce. We haven't been happy since you moved out of the house. I want to be away from your father but I can't ask him to leave since the house is in his name. So I call you up and ask you for an awkward favor if Mommy is able to live with you for a bit until all this is sorted out. Being the sweet son you are you say "yes". After I move in you notice how comfortable I am getting, you even see me walk around the house naked fresh after I shower. It's now the weekend and you ask if you are able to go out with some friends tonight. You feel bad leaving your vulnerable mommy alone on the weekend. But I insist you go anyway as I plan to just take a bath and relax. However, mommy has other plans as you get ready to leave I text one of my fuck buddies to come over for some fun while you're gone. Little do I know you get home early and hear some noise from upstairs. When you get upstairs you see mommy having some rough sex. The next morning you come down to see mommy making some breakfast while wearing very little clothing. You decide to confront me about last night and at first I am confused and deny it. Finally, I confess that I did have a man over and we did engage in some intense sex. It's just what mommy needs after being so lonely with your father. I am need to get out some sexual aggression. You then surprisingly tell me to show me your tits. I am puzzled at first and argue a bit but when the son says this is my fucking house and I if I want to see your tits your going to show me anytime I say I want to see them. You then proceed to demand to see my pussy. So I yell at you to tell me like a real man what you want to see. I tell you to say it louder and louder as it is turning me on how manly my little boy is being. After you demand to see mommy's cunt I talk about how you must have been wishing you were the one fucking mommy's cunt last night. We go upstairs where mommy then fucks you cowgirl and in missionary. All with tit slapping and taboo dirty talk. A week later you approach mommy while she is getting dressed in her closet and demand more. Again mommy makes you beg and teases you until she rides your cock again and drains your balls.

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