MissaX – A Mother’s Test – Reagan Foxx, Vanna Bardot

A Mother's Test
Vanna is reluctant for her fiance, Cody, to meet her stepmother, Reagan. Cody assures her that everyone's family is a little crazy, and tries to get Vanna to relax about it. "You don't know my stepmother," she warns Cody. Reagan opens the door to welcome Cody and her stepdaughter. Cody is taken aback by her beauty. Reagan is in her 40's but she could be Vanna's older sister. Vanna takes Cody to her bedroom, she confesses that her first fiance had an affair with her stepmom. Cody assures her that he would never cheat on her. He kisses her softly, the feeling of being in her old bedroom makes them both feel naughty. The door is cracked and Reagan watches Cody and her stepdaughter make love. She licks her lips as she looks at Cody's thick, long cock sliding in and out of her stepdaughter's little pussy. It's been a long time since she's had a man like Cody. Her eyes narrow as she rubs her pussy, she loves a challenge.