MissaX – I’m Just on Lunchbreak IV – Allie Summers

Actors: Allie Summers
Category: MissaX, Porn Movies

They call me “Agreeable Allie” at the office. I’m your go to girl when you need something done with a smile. I’ve always wanted to break the rules, to do something totally wrong, naughty, and I got the opportunity when John walked in the door.

My boss told me that John would be sharing an office with me until he gets one of his own. John and I started seeing each other. We kept it on the down low, but I’ve started to see him on the weekends and my husband is getting suspicious. He started asking to take me out to lunch, which he hasn’t done since we started dating. I agreed to it, reluctantly, rolling my eyes and telling him in my sing-song voice that he’s being so ridiculous. When he came into my office to pick me up last Friday, he saw John’s makeshift desk across from mine and gave me an earful that night. He went totally berserk, he said he could feel some sexual tension between me and John, he said that John stared at me, he even went so far as to ask me to quit my job

It’s Monday. I’ve calmed him down. I think it turns John on to know that I am cheating on him with my husband, but still I don’t want my husband to know. My husband called me to tell me that he was picking me up for lunch, yet again, and John starting groping me, taking off my blouse, my bra. I don’t want to get caught but I can’t find the strength in me to tell him no. A part of me wonders if I am enjoying being so bad, I’ve been a good girl my whole life, and now my lover is undressing me while I spin a web of lies. I lie to excuse my moaning, I lie when John’s thick cock is in my mouth, I lie to my husband when he’s fucking me deep on my desk. My husband is on his way to pick me up, and my legs are spread open for my lover. I try my best to muffle my pleasure moans. I don’t want to pick a man, even though John has made it clear that he wants me to divorce my husband to be with him. I want to live as a bad girl, no longer agreeable to what other people want of me, I will have my husband, my lover, and whomever else I want to fuck. It’s going to be about me from this point of my life and on.