MissaX – Operation: Mommy – Rachael Cavalli

Actors: Rachael Cavalli
Category: MissaX

After walking in on Dee Williams and Codey Steele, Dante Colle is horrified and hurt, he storms out of the room and onto the couch. A concerned Dee Williams tries to calm him down. She feels terrible about being caught with her other stepson, but her plan is working! Dante has a job interview already. She reminds him to soothe himself, it's an important day, and she then leaves for work as the guys have a contentious conversation. While at work, Dee gets a call from Codey. Codey is horny and wants to have phone sex at her work, Dee adamantly refuses! With an office full of guys, and also her overbearing boss, she can not get caught. Codey's sexy voice turns her on, and she remembers how good his cock felt last night. She reluctantly touches herself to his request, her eyes close as she remembers his hand over her breasts, his fingers in his pussy, his beautiful young cock splitting her in two, and the the two have phone sex while at her desk– in her public office! She almost gets caught by her boss but is able to convince him that nothing was going on.