MissaX – Out of the Blue – Khloe Kapri

MissaX – Out of the Blue
Khloe Kapri is laying on her bed in mid-afternoon as her stepbrother, Robby Echo, opens the door and calls out for her in concern. Robby is on the East Coast, and Khloe moves to the West Coast when she meets a boyfriend that she thought was "the one." He's dumped her and she's been mourning him, she was posting morbid thoughts and quotes right before she went to bed. Robby tried to call her, to see if she was alright, but she didn't answer any of the phone calls. When she opened her eyes to see her stepbrother standing over her, she tried to hide her happiness. He loves her, it's annoying how much he loves her, but at least somebody loves her unconditionally. Robby has never been a fan of any guy his stepsister hooks up with, no one is good enough for her.. she needs to find a man that will love her, take care of her, appreciate her for all of her unique and wonderful qualities, she needs to find a guy like, a guy like.. well, a guy like him.