MissaX – Solicitation – Natalia Starr, Jay Smooth

My boss told me that my service would no longer be needed. I pulled over, feeling the stress and tension of the call. He said, "Anna from East Coast sales will be taking over your position, she has sold three times as much product and we'd like to expand her region." My jaw dropped, Anna is barely eighteen years old, she doesn't know my customers like I do, she doesn't know the names of our customer's spouses, their birthdays, and the names of their little ones. I'm experienced and my customers love that I know them, they will never accept a brand new sales rep, I have a personal relationship with my clients! I tried to explain this to my boss and I listened to him reject me. I begged him to give me one last opportunity. I will sell 5,000 units to my next client. "Please allow me to sell, one last time, I will prove to you that I'm worthy."