MissaX – Under the Veil – Act Three – Charlotte Stokely, Helena Locke, Kenna James

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Mother Superior (Helena Locke) starts off praying and asking why she is being tested. Sister Kenna (James) then comes in and she is asked if Charlotte had ever taught her the ways of the flesh. She says she hadn't and that she is still a virgin. She is then told about the Vestal Virgins and that Father Tommy (Pistol) will choose her to be his if he is chosen as Archbishop. Mother Superior offers her services to teach her what she needs to know to fulfill Father Tommy's desires. Later that night Sister Kenna goes to meet with Mother Superior to start her training and when she arrives she is whipping Father Tommy. She is then told to undress. She does as she is told Mother Superior, while Father Tommy watches, proceeds to fondle and finger Sister Kenna. Mother Superior continues to tease Tommy by making him watch her eat Kenna out as she moans and groans in delight. She continues this “punishment” by climbing on top of her and tribbing while Tommy agonizingly watches. She then crawls up further and sits on her face as Kenna slides her tongue deep insider her.