Perv Mom – Stepdaughter With Benefits – Mindi Mink, Jessica Rex

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Description: Mindi Mink loves fucking with her stepdaughter Jessica Rex. She wakes her up early on sunday when she knows she was out being a slut the night before. She instructs her to change into something short and comfortable before she meets her in the living room to scrub the floor. Mindi gets a kick out of controlling her stepdaughter, especially when it allows her to masturbate while she stares at her ass. She did this for almost ten minutes until she slapped Jessicas pussy, left the room, and called her a good girl for once in her life. Later that night they had their usual dinner with no conversation and lots of trash talk about Jessica’s table manners. It got to the point where Mindi was so upset that she commanded Jessica to eat her pussy instead of the food. Jessica was bothered by this, but her cunt tasted way better than the food anyway. No need for dessert this evening! A few nights later Jessica was caught coming home super late by Mindi. She commanded Jessica to strip right in front of her as punishment. From there she reassured her with some love filled kisses and they each took turns pleasing each others holes until they were feeling so orgasmic that they completely forgot why they were mad at each other in the first place.