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Salieri Entertainment – Maurizio Merli – Dalila, Draghixa, Erika Bella, Marianna Kiss – Otages 1994Report Post

Category: Porn Movies

Description: Two young, perverse, armed hooligans break into the residence of a middle-class family. With the head of household bound and rendered helpless, the two women of the house are at the mercy of the scrupulous ruffians! Watch as the ladies are made to endure every whim of their takers!


First of all, I love the opening credits for this movie. The “special effects” and the soundtrack are incredible. Sure, I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek with that compliment, but only because some of you out there won’t appreciate the intro as much as I did. You might think the music is corny and classic (but not like, cool classic), or the aforementioned special effects are lame and outdated… but you’d be wrong, my friend, you’d be wrong. In fact, or in my not-so-humble opinion, the music choice for the opening credits is perfect; it puts me in mind of a well-loved 80s show that I can’t quite remember the name of, but I know I loved. Those special effects you might dismiss as tired and out-of-date are fitting and dramatic, setting a mood for the picture we’re about to watch. Director Maurizio Merli did an excellent job from beginning to end!

As dramatic and tense as the credits are, the film begins just as innocuously. Singing “Happy Birthday” in French, a young woman (Draghixa Laurent) smiles at her family as she leans forward to blow out her candles. We’re briefly “introduced” to two unsavory-seeming characters in the restaurant who are taking quite an interest in this happy family’s night out. Cut to a picturesque scene of a castle on a hillside, and then inside where the ladies of the family are being led in by a jolly, robust father. They’re laughing and chatting, but unless you speak French, you have no idea what they’re saying! But let me be clear on this, lest you think it’s not worth your time – it is! I don’t review movies that aren’t worth watching. And while it’s mildly disappointing there aren’t English subtitles, it’s pretty easy to suss out what’s going on. Draghixa is being doted on by her adoring parents (played by Dalila and Jean Philippe) for her birthday.


Just as Dad is sitting down to relax with a drink, the door buzzer announces a guest. He opens the door and is shoved back inside with a gun in his face! Two intruders bust into the house, one taking control of Dad and the other going in search of Mom. It’s the two men from the restaurant earlier in the evening! They must have been planning this the whole time! Dalila is getting undressed in her bedroom when the criminal grabs her from behind and drags her from the room. Dalila and Draghixa are brought into the living room, terrified and made even more so when they see Daddy tied up and helpless. The ladies are menaced by one of the intruders (Eric Weiss) while the other one (Joe Calzone) goes in search of the loot. He comes back angry; I guess he didn’t find what he was looking for! Now that they’ve been disappointed, they’re going to take something else of value instead! Bad-guy Joe pulls Dalila out of the room crying. When they get to the bedroom they sit on the bed, and it seems like Joe is trying to talk to Dalila and tell her to calm down; he even lays down his gun to help her relax. He starts rubbing her thighs and talking to her in a coercive tone of voice – ladies, whether you speak the language or not, you know what it sounds like when a man is trying to coerce a woman to have sex!


Meanwhile, Eric is holding a gun on Draghixa while she takes a phone call from John Walton. I have no idea who he is yet, but Eric is pissed when she gets off the phone! He leads her over to Jean Philippe, her bound Daddy, and terrorizes them both with his gun and his words. I don’t know precisely what he’s saying, but it becomes clear soon enough when he forces Philippe to perform oral sex on Draghixa, his very own daughter! And while this taboo tableau is playing out in the living room, Dalila is in the bedroom being assaulted by Joe. He makes her touch herself while he watches, ignoring her tears and focusing on her hands roaming over her soft skin. Jump back to the living room and Draghixa is forced to suck Eric’s dick while her Daddy licks her pussy from behind. Switch again to the bedroom and the lady of the house is on her knees servicing intruder Joe, his fist wound up in her hair and manipulating her movements. The living room couch is seeing some action, as well. Draghixa is reluctantly riding Eric’s cock, tears streaming down her cheeks as her father covers his face in shame. This poor, brutalized family!


Dalila takes a real pounding from Joe in her marital bed. She cries in protest as her pussy is brutalized and her body is used against her will. In the great room, Draghixa is bent over a table while Eric fucks her from behind, her shame rolling off her in waves as her father witnesses this. The nasty villains use the women as they please, forcing them to ride them cowgirl style, fucking them in missionary position, and even spooning the hysterical honeys. Things get even more twisted when Eric decides young Draghixa’s pussy isn’t enough, so he fucks her in the ass doggy-style. Poor girl was just celebrating her birthday less than an hour ago, and now she has a dick in her ass while her Daddy watches! Back and forth the camera goes, switching from bedroom to living room as Mom and daughter are both brutalized. When the intruders have finally had enough, they both leave their hot loads on the used women; Draghixa gets a sticky facial and Dalila is left with her ass covered in Joe’s cum.


Just when you think the awful assault must be over, Draghixa is brought into the bedroom where her Mother was just forcefully used against her will. The women are thrown onto the bed where Joe and Eric continue to terrorize them, culminating in a provocative foursome that is tawdry and taboo. Mother and daughter cling to one another in fear as the intruders fondle them. The criminals had so much fun abusing their captives the first time that they waste no time getting down to business the second time. The humiliation for this family continues as Dalila is forced to lick her daughter’s pussy, her face smashed against Draghixa’s pussy by one of the men. Their mouths are used as fuck toys next, the intruders’ cocks sliding in and out of their throats as mother and daughter cry. They are helpless and completely at the mercy of their abusers.


As a mother, Dalila is frantic to help her daughter, but unable to come to her aid. She is forced to lie on her back while her daughter gets on all fours over top of her mother. Dalila is then made to watch from this terrible vantage point as her daughter is taken anally, crying out for the men to stop. They are both brutalized over and over, their holes used for the intruders’ pleasure. Their humiliation and pain briefly come to an end when the men release their second set of loads, this time both exploding onto the tear stained faces of the mistreated women.


Just as the men are releasing the last drops of their cum, the buzzer alerts them to someone at the door. The men are nervous, and while Eric runs to see who is at the door, Joe points his weapon at the ladies. I don’t know what he’s saying, but I assume he’s threatening them with violence if they don’t remain quiet. When Eric opens the door, Jolth Walton and two women enter the house. Turns out Jolth is a friend of the intruders and has come to help them with their home invasion! Makes you wonder why he was on the phone with Draghixa earlier in the film. (Subtitles really would be great!) The two women with him are Erika Bella and Marianna Kiss. The trio gets comfy in the living room, chatting it up until suddenly, Eric is pointing his gun at Jolth’s face! Evidently there’s trouble between the two criminals and Eric is going to set things straight. Eric and Joe decide the best way to do that is to use and abuse Erika and Marianna! There really is no honor among thieves!


Suddenly there is a gunshot from the other room! Joe rushes in to see that Eric has shot Jolth dead! The women become frantic, knowing that without their companion, they are at the mercy of Eric and Joe. With Jolth out of the picture, the guys are now free to use the women at their leisure! Eric drags Erika into an adjoining room and tears her dress, revealing her breasts. She struggles and cries out, but he is on a mission! In the next room, Joe briefly fondles Marianna before unzipping his fly and shoving his rigid meat into her mouth. The women struggle and cry, desperate to stop their assaults. But they are no match for these crazy villains and eventually they are both ravished.


Eric first slides into his victim missionary style, her breasts heaving as she cries out in terror. Eric slams in and out of Erika fast, pounding away at her pussy as she helplessly howls in humiliation. Next, Eric stands behind her and fucks her in a standing doggy style position. Erika tightly grips the fireplace mantle as her body is used in a most barbaric fashion! When he’s tired of this position, Eric sits in the chair and forces Erika to sit on his fuck pole and bounce up and down, essentially making her an active participant in her own vicious brutalization! But the humiliation does not end there for Erika; she is forced to endure anal penetration next! Forced onto her hands and knees, Erika is taken from behind, her ass stretched achingly around Eric’s intruding member. When he’s had his fill of this most recent victim, he shoots his hot load onto her face! Poor girl thought she was part of the “in crowd,” only to find out in the most awful way possible that she wasn’t!


Meanwhile, in the next room, Joe is taking what he wants from the struggling Marianna. I like how this scene keeps going back and forth between the two couples, giving you a taste of the action in both rooms. Joe face-fucks Marianna briefly, fondling her breasts and ripping at her clothes. He first enters her from behind, penetrating her while she’s bent over a chair, her top still on, pants puddled around her ankles. Joe was so eager to have her he didn’t take his own clothes off! Fully clothed with just his dick out, Joe pummels Marianna’s pussy from behind as she begs him to stop. It’s while Joe is fucking her in this position that we learn that Jolth isn’t dead after all! He opens his eyes briefly to see the awful scene before him, but soon passes out again from his wounds. Never the wiser, Joe continues to use Marianna. Next it’s missionary position, where Joe slides into Marianna’s tight ass, adding another layer of humiliation to her brutal assault. He makes her sit on his dick next, forcing it deep up into her ass as she settles down onto it with a grimace. Not happy with her lackluster performance in cowgirl position, Joe turns her around and fucks her doggy-style, still using her ass for his pleasure. He spoons her next and the camera gets some great close-up shots of his dick buried in her unwilling ass! And when he’s finally had his fill, he covers her face with his hot spunk.


After the scene fades out, we next see Joe in the living room next to Jolth’s body. Eric enters through the front door, shoving a frazzled Jean Philippe into the house. Eric is carrying a briefcase and the two criminal masterminds seem happy now. I’m guessing Eric took Philippe to the bank and forced him to withdraw money, but with no subtitles to read, I can only guess at what’s in the briefcase. Man of the house and terrorized father, Jean Philippe, is probably thinking his families’ ordeal is almost at an end. Sadly for him, this is an ending, but not the one he’d like. Joe lifts the gun and points it at Philippe, the scene fades out, and when it comes back, a year has passed. Joe and Eric are in the same restaurant, sizing up a couple having a romantic dinner. This is another instance where subtitles would come in handy, but it’s pretty obvious what the two lowlife lawbreakers are discussing – the opportunity for another home invasion! Dun dun dunnnn!!!

Well, we’ve come to the end, dear reader. And as of yet, there hasn’t been a sequel to Otages made, and I kinda doubt there will be. But if ever there is, I’ll be right there to watch and review it! Now, I can totally understand how this film might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s got some pretty heavy taboo content that some might find offensive, but hey, to each their own, right? I happened to love it! I thought Eric Weiss and Joe Calzone were perfect bad guys and Draghixa and Dalila played the role of dominated dames with aplomb! As you know, I always pick a favorite scene from each movie I review, but I think I’ll skip that for this movie. I really enjoyed the entire film! Eric and Joe were evil villains that made an innocent family degrade themselves in the most crass, obscene ways! And when it came time to hooking up with their partner in crime, Jolth Walton, they double-crossed him and then took turns defiling his women! Director Maurizio Merli did an amazing job making the unthinkable act of assault both taboo and titillating!

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