Stuck4K – Be Careful With The Couch Or You’ll Get Stuck! – Casey

Actors: Casey
Category: Stuck4K

Description: Casey always had a habit of holding something in her hands, and this time, she couldn’t find anything better than to play with her ring. She was spinning it on her fingers, and she felt like she became a pro at it. She was managing to throw it in the air and catch it when suddenly, the ring fell in between the couch cushions. Casey shoved her hand there right away, trying to get a hold of her ring, but it was all a waste of time. She wanted to look under the couch, but she realized that her hand got stuck. Casey started calling for help, hoping that someone will hear her. A buff dude came into the room. He looked at the helpless and so accessible hottie that was trapped here, and offered his help in exchange for sex. After thinking about it for a little bit, Casey started pulling her panties down since she got turned on from his offer…

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