Stuck4K – Be careful with the door or you’ll get stuck! – Katarina Rina

Actors: Katarina Rina
Category: Stuck4K

Description: Today was a very special day for Katarina Rina – it was the anniversary of her wedding day. She puts on her skimpy black dress and gets ready to enjoy a romantic dinner. Her hand grabs the door handle, trying to yank the door open, but it only opens halfway… and gets jammed. Katarina tries to squeeze her lithe body through the door… only to get stuck. Her big breasts are now clutched between the door leaves and her nips are now hard under the fabric of the plunging dress. Before long, her husband Larry shows up to investigate the strange noise. He was very happy to find his wife in such a hopeless situation! He inched closer to help her out, but her large, juicy breasts captivated his attention instead. Larry pulled down the dress to bare the big boobs and decided to slide his knob between them!

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